AMV - Groupe JogamAerospace Partner


A mechanical workshop, an industrial culture.

The reactive Management of complex files in prototype, mechanical tools, machining of unit parts, small and medium series, is one of the main strengths of the AMV Company.

Our network of partners allows us to carry out cutting, drilling, grinding, welding, various treatments (thermal, surface, engraving, silkscreen, painting...) and the supply of nomenclated components.

The experience and ingenuity of our teams, combined with a diversified park of production tools, ensure you an answer in line with your expectations : mechanized set, complex mechanical parts,...

We are able to manufacture and turn all types of materials : plastic, aluminum, allied steels, stainless steel, inconel and so-called exotic materials (invar, iron-nickel alloys,...)

Equipped with a controlled atmosphere assembly room, we also manage the assembly of subsets, if necessary, under optimal cleanliness conditions.